Horizontal Rail Lifelines can be installed from overhead to near ground elevations. Rail systems offer various design options for an enclosed track, open track and overhead traveling bridge. The enclosed track features single, dual and triple tracks permitting users to bypass one another while staying connected to the system. When bypass is not required, an open track is a cost-effective option which operates similarly to a beam and trolley system. The traveling bridge provides unencumbered movement allowing the trolley to follow the user in any direction which minimizes potential swing fall hazards.

The rail lifelines can be customized to attach to any structure type. Not only is this exemplary for low overhead applications, the low weight to movement ratio means high overhead systems are workable even with the longest self-retractable lanyards. With the near zero deflection of the engineered rigid rail systems, fall distances, deceleration forces and secondary falls are greatly reduced during a severe fall event. The systems have the ability to support multiple users for both fall restraint and fall arrest.