Skylights present a fall hazard for any individual traveling on a rooftop. OSHA considers skylights to be the equivalent of a hole in the roof. OSHA 1910.23(a)(4) cites “Every skylight floor opening and hole shall be guarded by a standard skylight screen or fixed standard railing on all exposed sides. Our standard OSHA compliant skylight screens will withstand a perpendicular load of at least 200lbs. We also provide screens that meet Cal-OSHA requirements which is 400lbs.

Skylight Screens deliver passive fall protection to prevent falls through acrylic dome and corrugated fiberglass skylights. Our entire product line of skylight screens is designed to be non-invasive. As a result, the screens do not penetrate rooftops or the skylight curb membranes. The screens are a particularly cost-effective solution that eliminate the hazard of falling through an unguarded skylight.