Vacuum Anchors provide a non-penetrating anchor point (fall restraint or arrest) for attachment to smooth, non-porous surfaces which can be used as a single point anchor or incorporated in a horizontal lifeline system. The system entails a self-contained vacuum assembly predominately constructed of aluminum/blended rubber and powered by compressed air or nitrogen. To enhance worker safety, the anchor is equipped with a comprehensive backup system. If the power source is accidently lost, the combination of a persistent audible alarm and visual gauges will alert the user giving sufficient time (~20 minutes) to troubleshoot the problem and/or retreat to a safe location.

The adaptable design of the vacuum anchor systems has presented fall protection solutions for aircrafts, railroads, power plants, tank farms and manufacturing facilities. Some of the system’s key features and benefits are the ability to utilize both inside or outdoors, compact-lightweight (<20lbs) design granting one user to install autonomously, third-party tested, visual/audible safety alarms, intrinsically safe, self-contained with an onboard air or gas bottle attachment, low operating costs and complies with OSHA fall arrest anchor point strength requirements.